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Nursing Practice Tools and Resources

Nursing Practice Tools and Resources - For Nurses, Clinical Practice


Bedside Shift Report

Bedside Shift Report

Building Knowledge and Commitment

Creating Awareness and Interest

Promoting Action and Adoption

Pursuing Integration and Sustained Use

Ethics Resources

Advance Directives (1.2.15)

Caring for Patients Who Refuse Blood Transfusions (2.2.1)

Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)/No CPR Order (1.2.13)

Guidelines for Decisions to Limit Life-Sustaining Medical Treatment (8.25)

Guidelines for Treating Patients When They Refuse Medical Treatment (8.24)

Informed Consent (4.17)

Patient Rights and Responsibilities (4.34)

Staff Objections to Participating in Aspects of Patient Care (9.44)

Plan of Care/Care Plan/RN Care