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Send Your Co-worker a "Hi-5" Through the U-Connect Directory

Hi-5 is a simple, easy way to recognize a UW Health colleague for their efforts in exemplifying UW Health's Values. 

Using a simple online form, you can select a topic, write a personal note and send a Hi-5 to up to 10 people. Your colleague(s) will receive your Hi-5 in their e-mail account. A copy of the Hi-5 will be sent to the recipient's supervisor or manager, whenever possible and to anyone else you copy on the message. 

To Send a Hi-5

From the Directory home page, select the Send a Hi-5 button (you will be prompted to log in) and begin typing in the name of the recipient (last name first works the best) in the "TO:" field. Select the name of the person you want to send a Hi-5 from the list. 

 Send a Hi-5 screenshot

When you have selected your recipient from the list of names, their Directory photo appears in the Hi-5 message allowing for confirmation that you have selected correctly. 

Adding a person to Hi-5 and their picture shows screenshot 

Sending Hi-5's to Multiple People 1 

With one recipient selected, you can add more by using the "TO:" field again. Begin typing and select the name of the person you would like to add. 

Adding a second person to a Hi-5 screenshot 

To add more, repeat the process. You can add up to 10 people per Hi-5. 

Hi-5 Greetings Now Reflect UW Health's Values 

Select a greeting and let others know how their efforts exemplify our UW Health Values. 

Hi-5 select a greeting screenshot 

Copying Multiple People on a Hi-5 1 

When you send a person a Hi-5, their manager is automatically1 copied on the message as well. With the new Hi-5 update, you can add to the number of people who receive a copy. To begin, start typing in the "A copy of this message will be sent to:" field. Select the name of the recipient you would like to add. 

Copying multiple people on a Hi-5 screenshot 

You can add up to 10 copied people per Hi-5.

Hi-5 Technical Notes