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CEO Updates - Inside UW Health, Newsletters

Dr. Kaplan oversees the entire UW Health system. Working with senior administrative and physician leaders, he provides strategic and administrative direction for the full continuum of patient care and for system integration and regional growth and development. He will also partner with Dr. Robert Golden, UWHC Authority Board chair and Dean of UW School of Medicine and Public Health, and he represents UW Health’s policy and advocacy interests in the community, region and nation.


CEO Updates

CEO Update: Reflection and Looking Ahead

CEO Update: Executive Leadership Reductions

CEO Update

CEO Update: The State Of UW Health

CEO Update: Welcoming the New Year!

CEO Update: 6 Months

CEO Update: Foundation

CEO Update: Clarity

CEO Update: Forward

CEO Update: Foundation

CEO Update - First Month Impressions and Observations

CEO Update - Hello, UW Health!

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