Inside UW Health,News,2017


December - Inside UW Health, News, 2017

UW Health Clinical Policy Updates: December 1
Health Link Tips: Creating and Addending Ambulatory Notes in Widescreen
Improving Patient Admissions Processes
Summary of The Joint Commission Visit (November 20)
New Managers in Ambulatory and Telehealth
UWHC Employees: Adjusting December 21 Benefit Premium Collection for Health and Life Insurances
Health Link Tips: Prescriptions with Future Start Date
Planned Electrical Outage at CSC Wednesday, December 6
Lori Hauschild Retires as VP, Primary Care
Joint Commission Update: Therapeutic Duplication and Range Orders
CEO Update: Executive Leadership Reductions
The Joint Commission Findings for Therapeutic Duplication and Range Order - Corrective Actions to Impact Ordering Providers
Jessica Lawler Named Clinic Manager at Fitchburg and Oregon Clinics
Personal Deliveries Should Not Be Sent to Work
Promoting Compliance and Business Integrity Among Your Teams
Green Printing Initiative Aims to Reduce Costs, Advance Sustainability
Beginning January 2, UW Medical Foundation Employees and Physicians Eligible for Free Annual Madison Metro Bus Pass
Warning: Fraudulent Callers Claiming to Be Quartz Representatives
CPR Classes Offered at UW Health at The American Center
Holiday Season - Gift Policy
Health Information Management Discontinues University Hospital and AFCH Document Pick-Up (Effective January 1)
Receive Your W2 Electronically (Request Deadlines: UWHC, December 31; UWMF, January 6)
Behavioral Health Access Line (Effective January 1)
UW Health Echo Lab AUC for Stress Testing; Guide to Ordering Stress Tests
Planning for Retirement? Join us for a Retirement Seminar
New Physician VEBA Life Insurance Rates Effective 01/01/2018
Hybrid OR Bi-Plane Announcement
New UW Health Time Off Policy
The Joint Commission is Returning Soon – Complete these Steps to Ensure your Area is Ready
The Joint Commission is Returning Soon - What Providers Need to Do to Prepare
Patients and Families Can Stream Movies and TV Shows
Video: Protecting our Financial Sustainability
Infusion Services Update
Delegation Protocols - Authorizing Provider Changes
Tuition Reimbursement Budget to be Centralized for UWHC
Health Link Procedure Code Updates on January 1
Update: Signing Prescriptions at Discharge
$1 Million in Projected Savings from Changing How Patients are Moved
Survey Notice: A Surveyor from The Joint Commission is Onsite Today
Survey Notice: The Joint Commission Update
New Earnings Code Descriptions for UWHC Staff
UW Health Administrative (Non-Clinical) Policy Updates: December 22
Revised Medical Record Form: Consent to Operations Form Updated re: Policy 1.2.13 Do Not Resuscitate
Jane Powers Retirement Announcement
Phishing Scams Are on the Rise
New Referral Process for Weight Management Program
Zero Heroes - D6/6, NICU, P5 and P8
Cost Saving Success Story: Reducing Property Taxes and Building Rent Saves More Than $700,000
New and Revised Medical Record Forms: December 29
Emergency Medication Tray: DOBUTamine Removal
New Cancer Staging Criteria