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Why Now?

Why Now? - Inside UW Health, Mission Watch, UW Health - UnityPoint Health - Meriter


Health care is changing. Across the country, many health care organizations are collaborating to best serve their patients and members in this fluctuating environment. This collaboration is a strategic, deliberate way for our organizations to navigate a challenging health care landscape and do what’s best for those we serve.

The delivery of care is moving away from treating illnesses after they occur to keeping entire populations healthy. Through greater clinical and financial alignment, we can position ourselves to accomplish these goals more quickly and more efficiently.

Changes to the health insurance landscape are prompting health insurers to look for opportunities to gain efficiency and ensure their long-term viability.

Purchasers of health care services - employers and other group purchasers, and consumers alike - have higher expectations regarding the cost, coordination and experience of care. This potential collaboration will better enable all of our organizations to meet these expectations.

A more Formal Alignment of the Systems will Result in Even Greater Success