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Curious about activities related to the UW Health-SwedishAmerican integration? This page includes general integration objectives, principles, timelines and areas of focus. We'll also highlight projects that showcase our efforts to collaborate across the UW Health family, from Madison to Rockford.


UW Health-SwedishAmerican Integration Background

On January 1, 2015, UW Health officially welcomed Rockford-based SwedishAmerican Health System into the UW Health family as a division of UW Health. The integration brings together the leading health systems from each region and strengthens the already strong ties between the two organizations, building on many years of successful collaboration. SwedishAmerican retains its local name and identity while displaying a new status as a division of UW Health.

SwedishAmerican has been a top referral source and partner of UW Health for decades. By integrating with SwedishAmerican, we are able to grow the UW Health network and population of patients served.

UW Health Sports Factory Opening 

UW Health and SwedishAmerican staff
attend the opening of the UW Health
Sports Factory in Rockford

SwedishAmerican gains access to UW Health quaternary care services and academic subspecialties, as well as infrastructure and EHR enhancements. The UW Health and SwedishAmerican cultures were already aligned, which was an important factor in the decision-making process.

SwedishAmerican serves residents of 12 counties in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. It includes:

SwedishAmerican and UW Health are partners in a freestanding outpatient cancer center in Rockford, affiliated with the UW Carbone Cancer Center. As the local market-share leader, SwedishAmerican has received numerous awards for quality and preference from major state and national organizations.

Top 5 Things to Know About Integration

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What's the overall integration plan for UW Health and SwedishAmerican?

The UW Health Regional Division Management Council endorsed a set of 21 strategies to implement over the course of three years (January 2016-January 2019). These strategies are categorized into three areas: improve health, build infrastructure, and improve financial strength. View a visual depicting these strategies and the executive sponsors

Who is in charge of the planning and coordination of integration activities?

The UW Health Regional Division Management Council is charged with the overall planning and coordination of integration activities for UW Health and SwedishAmerican. The Management Council acts as the key liaison between system governance and operations related to integration. Learn more

What's the plan for implementing Health Link at SwedishAmerican?

SwedishAmerican will be going live with UW Health's instance of Health Link in July 2018, to ensure seamless patient care across locations. As of early 2017, UW Health and SwedishAmerican clinicians have worked together to demonstrate and approve over 500 clinical workflows, and the project is on track to meet the summer 2018 go-live target.

How else are we working to ensure seamless patient care across UW Health and SwedishAmerican locations?

SwedishAmerican clinicians are provided with UW Health Center for Clinical Knowledge Management (CCKM) guidelines and protocols and are included in the development of new clinical practice guidelines to ensure that patients receive the same high quality, evidence-based care, regardless of location.

How else are we working together in our day-to-day activities?

Several UW Health committees now include SwedishAmerican members. This allows for alignment of goals and activities across all UW Health locations.


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