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If you're interested in learning more about the council, or have any feedback or concerns you would like to share, email the Employee Advisory Council

UW Health’s Employee Advisory Council (formerly known as 50 Star Council) is an employee council that provides staff with a greater voice in shaping the future at UW Health. The Employee Advisory Council is made up of 60 highly engaged staff, who serve rotating terms. Members have the opportunity to learn more about and provide feedback on new and future initiatives at UW Health. They also serve as advisors on employee communication, serve as a source for new ideas, help disseminate information throughout UW Health and have the opportunity to ask questions and bring forward employee concerns in a confidential setting.

UW Health Employee Council agendas are available for your review.

Special guests, including senior leaders and other stakeholders throughout the organization, are invited to present on a wide range of topics. Council members are invited to ask questions and share feedback.
Presentation and discussion topics have included:

UW Health Employee Advisory Council members are pleased to share all of these presentations with their colleagues. If you have any comments or questions, be sure to contact one of the Employee Advisory Council members.