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Week of September 25, 2017

Week of September 25, 2017 - Inside UW Health, Mission Watch, Survey Readiness Resources, Survey Readiness: Questions of the Week


Managers: Please review these Questions and Answers with your staff/teams this week.

Providers and Staff: Please review and be ready to answer these questions.

We are in the window for an unannounced site visit/survey by The Joint Commission. To access preparation resources, including the comprehensive Reference Guide, visit the Survey Readiness section.

If you have questions, please contact Lisa LeClair, Accreditation and Regulatory Specialist.

Do the linens in Isolation carts on patient units have to be covered?

Yes. Linens must be covered in transit, if they are not drawn from within 24 hours, and when in public areas. Isolation carts in the patient unit halls are public areas.

Do Cavi Wipes need to be stored in cupboards or away?

No. Cavi Wipes can be stored on countertops in patient rooms. It is important to know the patient population though, and if it is a risk that the patient population might ingest or use the Cavi Wipes inappropriately, then they should be stored safety.

Can we have toasters and coffee pots in our break rooms?

Yes. We can appliances that the heat source is inside (toasters, coffee pots). We cannot have appliances with the heat source on the outside (e.g., toaster ovens, hot plates)

Do we need to have the electrical stickers (green stickers) updated annually?

No. The new policy states that appliances in patient care areas only need to be checked before they go into use, not annually. See the Survey Readiness Resources page.

What is your role in a Code Pink (Missing or Abducted Child)?

Varies by unit. Ask your manager to confirm your role. Refer to the emergency flip charts in your area.