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How to Talk with a Surveyor

How to Talk with a Surveyor - Inside UW Health, Mission Watch, Survey Readiness Resources


10 Helpful Hints for Working with a Surveyor

  1. Remember the focus of the survey is patient-focused accreditation which means patients always come first - even during a survey.
  2. Make sure patient records are in good order so that you can easily find the information needed in the event a surveyor asks a series of detailed questions or asks to see documentation.
  3. LOOK comfortable. Collect your thoughts before the interview so that you can show the good work you do each day.
  4. Listen carefully to the question asked. Answer that question, and do not volunteer unnecessary details.
  5. If you don't understand the question, ask the surveyor to repeat or paraphrase the question. Don't try to guess what the surveyor is asking if it is not clear to you.
  6. Relax and maintain a positive attitude! Do not take the questioning personally. Our survey's success is based upon the input of many people throughout the organization.
  7. Take time to think before answering the question. Be prepared to provide a specific example. Whenever possible avoid using words that suggest uncertainty.
  8. If you don't know the answer, tell the surveyor that you don't recall, and then demonstrate how you would find the answer. Avoid comments such as, "we can never find that," or "I have no idea."
  9. Respond to questions confidently based on actual practice. Use "real" stories!
  10. Emphasize the themes of: Patient safety, patient-focus, collaboration, and continuous improvement.