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Planning Process

Planning Process - Inside UW Health, Mission Watch, Strategic Plan


As we embarked on the strategic planning process, clinicians, employees and other stakeholders were invited to share their vision for UW Health’s future. Together, we developed a comprehensive strategic plan that builds on our legacy of innovation and excellence in patient care, research and education to outline a roadmap for our future. The timetable for this work is outlined below.

October–November 2016: Project Setup

In the first phase of the planning period, stakeholder interviews about our challenges and opportunities began as initial data gathering also took place. Additional project scoping and detailed work planning was agreed upon.

November 2016-January 2017: Current State Assessment

During this period, stakeholder interviews continued while information from external and internal sources was gathered to help define our strategic goals. These sources include:



January-March 2017: Strategy Development

Stakeholder feedback from UW Health and SwedishAmerican clinicians and employees throughout Wisconsin and Illinois was gathered via interviews, large town hall meetings, clinic-based meetings and an organization-wide survey. This input was then analyzed and used, along with data from other internal and external sources, to establish a system strategic vision and to develop our strategic priorities and goals.

March-May 2017: Organizational Requirements and Implementation Planning

During this period, the formation of the strategic plan was developed and was inclusive of tactical and implementation plans, organizational structure implications, resource requirements and financial investment and return analysis. The plan was then presented to the UWHCA Board of Directors for review and endorsement.


Please take a few minutes to watch this video that explains the importance of a strategic plan and to learn more about our strategic planning process.