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Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission and Vision - Inside UW Health, Mission Watch, Strategic Plan


The care provided by UW Health has been critical to families in the Midwest and beyond for decades, and we have a proud tradition of advancing the science and practice of medicine. When the UWHCA Board approved the strategic plan, it also reaffirmed our core mission of advancing health without compromise through service, scholarship, science and social responsibility.

The strategic plan sharpens our focus with a new vision: Remarkable Healthcare. These two words are our promise to patients and their families. This vision, inclusive of our shared mission with the School of Medicine and Public Health, is about the direct delivery of care, the education of next generation providers and our world-changing research.

It is always important to remember that we exist as a health care organization for only one reason - our patients. We will keep them at the center of our work.


Advancing health without compromise through:


Remarkable Healthcare