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What Can I Do Now?

What Can I Do Now? - Inside UW Health, Mission Watch, Specialty Care Redesign


Send us an email, scredesign@uwhealth.org to let us know what you are working on! 

Engage with your Health Link Zone Team
Discuss what improvement or optimization work is already happening in your clinic and what you would like to work on in the near future. The Zone Teams will then bring requested work to the specialty care leadership for prioritization and direction. 
Service Standards
Identify your gaps with the Service Standards and create a plan to close those gaps with: clinic manager, physician dyad, clinic director and key stakeholders from the department. 
3 Hours Face to Face Time
One of the high-priority Service Standards is 3 hours face to face time. Ensure that each provider’s standard template sessions offer a minimum of 3 hours for appointments.  This does not include add-on clinics.
Daily Clinic Huddles

You will be hearing more about the components of Leading the UW Health Way as we further define the daily management structure for Ambulatory care, but we do know that daily clinic and provider huddles are a great way to get started!

Huddles are helping clinics exchange information more nimbly, problem-solve, and better manage operations each day.

Team-Based Care Models

Our vision is to move toward a team-based model approach. However, we all might have different views on what this means. Start reading about team-based models in the recommended literature below and begin discussing what this might mean to your teams. Do not begin changing staffing models or teams before discussing with your Director.

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Send us an email, scredesign@uwhealth.org to let us know what you are working on!