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Specialty Care Redesign

Specialty Care Redesign - Inside UW Health, Mission Watch


UW Health will provide easy and timely access to healthcare that is individualized and quality-driven. Our specialty care delivery model will emphasize a sustainable and professionally satisfying environment that supports excellence at all levels. Improvement efforts will focus both on patient needs and on clinician wellness and satisfaction and will be chosen based on their feasibility, flexibility and affordability. A culture of respect and trust will be the basis for a specialty care team that fully empowers patients, that values all members of the health care team and that makes full use of existing and emergent technologies.

To provide a better experience for patients, staff, and clinicians, we must transform our delivery system in the following ways:

Some staff and clinicians have had questions about how this work will impact them. The Specialty Care Leadership Committee has created three vignettes and an FAQ to address some questions and provide further clarity as we move forward with this redesign.

Patient Access, Entry into the System and Experience


Team Based Care and Strategic Improvement in the Clinic


Getting the Right People Doing the Right Work


Send your questions and comments to scredesign@uwhealth.org.


Roadshow Power Point

Specialty Care Redesign Pre-Work List