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Parking at Other UWHC Locations

Parking at Other UWHC Locations - Inside UW Health, Getting Around


800 University Bay Drive

You can park in the visitor’s parking garage in the building for approved short-term visits. Approved short-term visits do not include Health Link and other training sessions. Parking for non-approved short-visits are subject to a parking ticket and a potential fine.The parking garage’s entrance is on Marshall Court. Please park in visitor parking on the 1st floor. Take a ticket from the machine and keep this ticket as you’ll need it to exit the parking garage. 

When you check in, request a parking validation ticket. You will need to insert both the ticket you received when you entered the parking garage and then the validation ticket you received into the machine to exit the parking garage.

Two hour parking is also available along Marshall Court.

Administrative Services Building (ASB)

301 S. Westfield Rd, Madison, WI 53717

Free parking is available at the Administrative Services Building. ASB parking is meant for use by ASB employees only.

East Clinic

5249 East Terrace Drive

There is a parking lot adjacent to the East Clinic for employee parking. However, please reserve the parking spaces near the front of the building for visiting patients. East Clinic parking is meant for use by East Clinic employees only.

Public Service Commission (PSC) Building

610 N. Whitney Way

This facility is located further from the "downtown" areas than the others and therefore has more plentiful parking. For your first day you should park in the visitor parking area located in front of the building. After that, your supervisor will provide you with a pass card that will allow you to utilize the employee spaces that are located under the building. PSC parking is meant for use by PSC employees only.

Research Park Sports Medicine Center (RPSMC)

621 Science Drive

The Sports Medicine complex is located on Madison's west side and has ample parking for employees. It is requested that employees park in the far end of the lot so the closer spaces are open for patients. RPSMC parking is meant for use by Research Park employees only.

University Station Clinics

2880 University Avenue

Parking at University Station is not available, except for limited parking for people with disabilities or a special permit. If you work at University Station, it is suggested that you apply for parking through the University of Wisconsin Department of Parking and Transportation and utilize the University Station Shuttle Service. The shuttle services parking lots 60, 76, and 131. If you have special needs parking, you may contact the University Station Building Secretary at (608) 263-8756.

Shuttle Information

West Clinic

451 Junction Road

At the West Clinic, parking on the north side of the building is quite plentiful for the employees. It is requested to reserve the front parking spaces for the patients. West Clinic parking is meant for use by West Clinic employees only.