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Distribution of bus passes takes place in the beginning August (watch In Brief for exact dates), and employee bus passes will be available for ordering online through the UW Transportation Services eBusiness portal

IMPORTANT: A NetID will be required to order a bus pass. If you do not have a NetID, you will need to set one up before ordering your bus pass. Please note that the process for setting up a NetID can take a few days. 

NetID and Bus Pass Ordering Process

If you already have a NetID, please proceed to Step 4 below. If you have forgotten your NetID, please call the UW-Madison DoIT Help Desk at 264-4357 (Option 1).

  1. Get your Campus ID number
    Please email healthsciencesparking@mailplus.wisc.edu with “Need Campus ID” as the subject line. The Campus ID number will then be emailed to you. You can also get a Campus ID number by acquiring a Wiscard available free of charge at Union South.

  2. Activate your NetID
    You will need your Campus ID number (see Step 1 above) to complete this step. Please visit the My NetID website to activate your NetID. You will be asked to enter your Campus ID number and your date of birth to complete this step.

  3. Record your NetID information for ordering your bus pass
    Please keep a record of your NetID login and password to order your bus pass.

    Please note, once you receive your NetID, you need to wait until the next business day to move onto step 4 (for the overnight information download to occur).

  4. Visit the UW Transportation Services eBusiness portal to purchase your bus pass online
    Click on Purchase Bus Pass and Permits link. As a UWHC employee, you will not be charged for a bus pass. After you have submitted the online form to request a bus pass, one will be mailed to you.


UW Medical School and other UW-Madison employees will be charged a $24 subsidy for the employee bus pass and must order and pay for the pass (via credit card or payroll deduction) online to receive the bus pass in the mail. UWHC will continue to cover 100% of the cost of the bus pass for UWHC employees and UWHC employees will not have to pay the $24 bus pass subsidy. 

UW Foundation, UW Medical Foundation, WARF/WICell, Alumni Association, WI Crop Improvement Association and the WI Historical Society employees are not eligible for UW Employee Bus Passes through UW Transportation Services, but can get a bus pass directly from their employer. 

Please email tdm@fpm.wisc.edu for more information about the UW Transportation Services Bus Pass Program. Please go to the UW Transportation Services website for further details of the process for ordering bus passes. 

For information on Metro bus routes, please visit www.mymetrobus.com.


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