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Dos and Don'ts of Twitter

Dos and Don'ts of Twitter - Inside UW Health, About Us, UW Health Websites and Social Media, UW Health Social Media


Other Social Media

UW Health is on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest too. Like and follow UW Health on social media.

What Not To Do

Don't tweet about patients. Seriously don't, not even if your tweets are protected. Remember, nothing on social media is ever truly private.

Don't create accounts for your departments or programs. Just be yourself. If you think your department or program should have a Twitter account, please complete the Social Media Request Form.

Don't send complaints by tweeting to @UWHealth. Suggestions and questions are welcome, but complaints are often too complicated to deal with in 140 characters. If you have specific concerns you should direct them to your manager or the correct department. If you don't know where to go, we can help figure out who that would be.

Don't violate the Social Media policy when engaging in social media, including the following points:

What You Can Do

Create a Twitter account and send your first tweet.

Discover all our UW Health Twitter accounts to follow, RT and share posts with your friends/followers:

For more UW Health social media accounts, visit uwhealth.org/social.

Follow news media, professional organizations and government organizations to get the most current news.

More Tips and Tricks

Not sure how to set up your account?

Twitter has a handy guide for helping you walk through all the steps: twitter.com/signup

Then, make your profile look nice

Keep Your Account Secure

#1 tip: Don't click on any direct messages that say things like “Look what someone is saying about you!”

Twitter has tons of tips which can help keep your account from being compromised. https://support.Twitter.com/articles/76036