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UW Health Acronym Guide

UW Health Acronym Guide - Inside UW Health, About Us, Employee Handbook (UWHC), Other Important Information


1SP One S. Park Street
20SP 20 S. Park Street
AAMC Association of American Medical Colleges
ACGME Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education
ACHC Access Community Health Center
ACIG Ambulatory Care Innovation Grant
ACO Accountable Care Organization
ACS Ambulatory Care Specifications
ACT Asthma Control Test
AFCH American Family Children’s Hospital
AHAPAC American Hospital Association Political Action Committee
AHRQ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
AMA American Medical Association
AOB Administrative Office Building (Middleton)
AONE American Organization of Nurse Executives (an AHA subsidiary)
APN Advanced Practice Nurse
ASB Administrative Services Building
AV Audio Visual
AWI Area Wage Index
BCS Breast Cancer Screening
BCSMG Breast Cancer Screening Management Group
Big East East Clinic
Big West West Clinic
BOD Board of Directors
C of C Coordination of Care
C of C Council of Chairs
CAH Critical Access Hospital
CAUTI Catheter-Assisted Urinary Tract Infection
CCKM Center for Clinical Knowledge Management (located at University Crossing Building, 749 University Row, next to Digestive Health Center)
CCPI Colorectal Cancer Prevention Initiative
CDC Center for Disease Control and Prevention
CKM Clinical Knowledge Management
CLABSI Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection
CME Continuing Medical Education
CMI Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation
CMS Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
COG Clinic Operations Group
CON Certificate of Need (state-level regulatory approach for controlling capacity)
COSM Clinic Operations Senior Management
CPOE Computerized Order Entry
CQI Care & Quality Innovation
CQIC Clinical Quality Improvement Council
CSC Clinical Science Center (another name for UW Hospital building)
CTRI Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention
DA Department Administrators (SMPH Depts / Clinical)
DFM Department of Family Medicine
DGME Direct Graduate Medical Education
DHC Digestive Health Center
DHS Disproportionate Share Hospital Payments
DNS Do Not Schedule
EFT Electronic Funds Transfer
EHR Electronic Health Record
E/M Evaluation & Management Medicare Payments
EMR Electronic Medical Record
EMTALA The Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act
ESS Employee Self Service
ETF Employee Trust Funds (Wisconsin)
EQIC Executive Quality Improvement Council
FEMA Failure Modes & Effect Analysis
FDA Food and Drug Administration
FQHC Federally Qualified Health Center (defined by Medicare and Medicaid statutes)
FTE Full-time Equivalent
GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
GHC Group Health Cooperative
GI Gastro Intestinal
GIM General Internal Medicine
GL General Ledger
GME Graduate Medical Education
GPAM General Pediatric Ambulatory Metrics
GPIN Group Practice Improvement Network
GW GroupWise
HAI Healthcare Acquired Infection
HCAHPS Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems
HEDIS Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set
HEET Health Event Evaluation Team
HFFY Health Facts For You
HHA Home Health Agency
HHS Department of Health and Human Services
HIMC Health Information Management Center
HIP Health Innovation Program
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
HIT Health Information Technology
HL Health Link (electronic health record)
HLCow Health Link Clinic Operations Work Group
HOD Hospital Outpatient Department (Health Link designation)
HOPIT Hands-On Performance Improvement Training
HRET Health Research and Education Trust
HRSA Health Resources and Services Administration (part of HHS)
HSLC Health Science Learning Center (Medical School Building)
HVBP Hospital Value-Based Purchasing
ICT Internal Consulting Team
IE Industrial Engineering
IHI Institute for Healthcare Improvement
IIRC Industrial Interaction Review Committee
IM Internal Medicine
IMC Immediate Care
IME Indirect Medical Education
IOM Institute of Medicine
IPPS Inpatient Prospective Payment System
IS Information Services
IT Information Technology
ITS Information Technology Services (located at 8007 Excelsior Dr.)
KP Kaiser Permanente
L&D Learning & Development
Leapfrog The Leapfrog Group (founded by Business Roundtable; focuses on quality and patient safety)
LTCH Long-Term Care Hospital
MAQIN Madison Area Quality Improvement Network
MBFC Meriter Based Faculty Council
MD Medical Doctor
MedPAC Medicare Payment Advisory Commission
MedPAR Medicare Payment Analysis and Review
MF Medical Foundation
MFCB Medical Foundation Centennial Building
MRN Medical Record Number
MRSA Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
MU Meaningful Use
NACH National Association of Children’s Hospitals
NCHL National Center for Healthcare Leadership
NCQA National Committee for Quality Assurance
NEO New Employee Orientation
NLP Natural Language Processing
NP Nurse Practitioner
NPSG National Patient Safety Goals
NQF National Quality Forum
OA Odana Atrium (Clinic)
OCPD Office of Continuing Professional Development
OIG Office of Inspector General
OL Outlook
OMB Office of Management and Budget
ONC Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology
OPO Organ Procurement Organization
OPPS Outpatient Prospective Payment Systems
OPS (Clinic) Operations
P4P Pay for Performance
PA Physician Assistant
PBS Patient Business Services
PCC Primary Care Committee
PCHLAG Primary Care Health Link Advisory Group
PCMH Patient Centered Medical Home
PCP Primary Care Provider
PCRI Primary Care Redesign Initiative Planning Group
PDCA Plan Do Check Act
PFA Patient-Family Advisor
PFAC Patient and Family Advisory Council
PI Rounds Practice Improvement Rounds
PIE Process Improvement Education
PIRMS Performance Improvement, Risk Management and Safety
PO Purchase Order
PPIC Physicians Plus Insurance Corporation
PPP Project Prioritization Process
PQRI Physician Quality Reporting Initiative
PRG Pocket Reference Guide
PSC Public Service Commission Building (610 N. Whitney Way)
PSFS PeopleSoft Financial System
PSN Patient Safety Net
P&T Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee
QA Quality Analyst
QC Quality Council
QI Quality Improvement
QIC Quality Improvement Committee
QSI Quality, Safety and Innovation Department
QUM Quality and Utilization Management
RAC Recovery Audit Contractor
RAD Rapid Access Diabetes Education
RAs Research Assistants
RCA Root Cause Analysis
RFP Request for Proposal
RN Registered Nurse
RUG Resource Utilization Group
RWB Reporting Workbench
SAFE Surgical and Anesthesia Facilitation and Evaluation
SAHS Swedish American Health System
SGR Sustainable Growth Rate
SMPH School of Medicine and Public Health
SNF Skilled Nursing Facility
SON School of Nursing
SOP School of Pharmacy
SRE Serious Reportable Adverse Events
SSPI Safety & Satisfaction Performance Improvement
STEEEP Safety, Timeliness, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Equity, Patient Centeredness
TAC UW Health at The American Center
TER Travel Expense Request
TJC The Joint Commission
TLC Trauma and Life Support Center
U Station University Station Clinic
UBD University Bay Drive (Building)
UBOB University Bay Office Building
UHC University Health Care, Inc.
UHC University Health System Consortium (located in Oakbrook, IL)
UStation University Station Clinic
UWHC University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics
UWHIN UW Health Improvement Network
UWMF University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation
UWSMPH University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health
VBP Value Based Purchasing
WCHQ Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality
WDI Wisconsin Dialysis Institute (Fitchburg and East side)
WHA Wisconsin Hospital Association
WHIO Wisconsin Health Information Organization
WIMR Wisconsin Institute for Medical Research
WISCR Wisconsin Computerized Medical Records System
WISPIC Wisconsin Psychiatric Institute and Clinics (Psych Clinic)
WTC Wisconsin Trade Center