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Weapons and Concealed Carry (4.26)

Weapons and Concealed Carry (4.26) - Inside UW Health, About Us, Employee Handbook (UWHC), Health, Safety and Security


All employees are prohibited from bringing weapons into a UWHC property. Weapons can be defined as any items or materials capable of inflicting harm. Weapons may include knives, stabbing instruments, electronic incapacitating devices (stun guns), and firearms.

Employees who have a concealed carry permit may not enter a UWHC facility with a weapon. Concealed carry permit holders may leave their weapon in their personal locked vehicle.

Any employee who sees another UWHC employee with a weapon should call Security at (608) 890-5555. If the employee is acting in a threatening manner, Active Shooter (Code Yellow) procedures should be followed.

Questions related to weapons and concealed carry should be directed to UWHC Security by calling (608) 890-5555 or emailing uwhcsecurity@uwhealth.org.