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Workplace Violence (9.58)

Workplace Violence (9.58) - Inside UW Health, About Us, Employee Handbook (UWHC), Health, Safety and Security


UWHC has zero tolerance for workplace violence by employees and is committed to providing a safe environment for all persons. Workplace violence can be defined as any intentional act, or direct, conditional, implied or veiled threat, or any other conduct, which harms, or reasonably arouses fear, hostility, intimidation or the apprehension of harm. Violence also includes vandalism or the destruction of property at the worksite belonging to an employee.

Threats or behaviors of workplace violence should be immediately reported to Security at (608) 890-5555.

Security, Employee/Labor Relations, and Risk Management work collaboratively to investigate and review incidents. UWHC employees who violate this policy may be subject to counseling or discipline up to and including discharge from employment.

Employees who are victims/potential victims of domestic violence or stalking should report this situation to their supervisor, UWHC Security and/or Employee/Labor Relations. Employees may consider seeking a temporary restraining order against the abuser/stalker. Copies of temporary restraining orders must be provided to UWHC Security and Employee/Labor Relations.

As a resource, employees can view Silent Storm: Intimate Partner Violence and Stalking - The Impact on the Workplace.


Policy 9.58 Workplace Violence Reporting, Investigation & Discipline