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Hazard Communication

Hazard Communication - Inside UW Health, About Us, Employee Handbook (UWHC), Health, Safety and Security


To protect employees, and to meet federal and state requirements, UWHC has a centralized database of all Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for hazardous chemicals in UWHC facilities. An SDS contains detailed information about a specific chemical, including but not limited to, its hazards, safe handling procedures, control measures (personal protective equipment), and how to respond to exposure and spills. This database is called MSDSonline.com (for UWHC). An MSDSonline Program PowerPoint Tutorial (ppsx) and How to Read a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) (pdf) are available to provide immediate and regular education to staff.

Additionally, the Globally Harmonized System (GHS), is a global approach to the classification of hazardous chemicals and the communication of hazards to workers via labels and safety data sheets. Any employee working routinely with hazardous chemicals shall take the GHS Training computer-based module within the UW Health Learning & Development System.