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Meal and Break Periods

Meal and Break Periods - Inside UW Health, About Us, Employee Handbook (UWHC), Employment Expectations and Policies


Meal and break periods are important to employee health and productivity. Employees will receive one 30 minute unpaid meal break in a shift of 6 hours or longer. Meal times may be scheduled by the department to assure appropriate departmental and customer/patient care coverage.

If a meal period is not taken, or is less than 30 minutes, the time will be counted as hours worked. Employees should follow departmental procedures for notifying management on occasions where they have been unable to take a meal break. Additionally, employees must be completely relieved of their duties and must be able to leave their work site for the meal period. Employees who are required to remain in the work area to answer telephones, receive work requests, answer questions, or handle other assigned responsibilities cannot be considered to have been completely relieved and must be paid for this time.

Generally, employees will receive one 15 minute paid break period per four (4) hour shift.

Based on departmental need, supervisors may schedule, at their discretion, a combination of both meal and break time for special situations as approved.

Policy 9.14: Recording Paid Time