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Home as Primary Worksite

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Department management may approve a work-at-home schedule for an employee for a temporary or on-going period of time, based on the operational needs of the department, an individual employee assessment, the historical success in positions of a similar nature or with similar duties, FTE status, proximity of the home environment to UWHC, production, quality and overall work standards, and any other relevant factors.

Employees granted work at home privileges, if applicable, are to fully safeguard the confidentiality of patient information to ensure that unauthorized individuals are prevented from accessing or viewing this information. Employees are to comply with all provisions of the Home as Primary Worksite policy, including but not limited to: communications, equipment purchase and use, scheduling, recording paid time, travel, etc., and any other departmental policies/procedures related to same.

Employees working from home may not be the primary caregiver for any other person in the household during work hours. Work-at-home arrangements may be discontinued at any time with advance notice to the employee.

Policy 9.61: Home as Primary Work Site