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Employee Personnel Files

Employee Personnel Files - Inside UW Health, About Us, Employee Handbook (UWHC), Employment Expectations and Policies


Employee files are maintained by the Human Resources department and are considered confidential. The maintenance of official personnel files will comply with record keeping requirements under applicable state and federal laws.

Supervisory personnel who are considering an employee for promotion, transfer, accommodations, or other personnel action, may review the personnel file, or limited parts of it. Authorized UWHC employees with a business need may review the employee personnel files, or limited parts of it. Representatives of government, law enforcement agencies, accreditation/regulatory bodies (i.e., The Joint Commission, CMS, etc.) and officials requesting public records may be allowed access to personnel file information to the extent permitted by law.

An employee may make a written request to review and/or obtain a copy of his/her personnel file. Personnel files will be reviewed in the Human Resources department and may not be removed from the department.

Policy 9.64: Personnel