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Cellular Phone Use

Cellular Phone Use - Inside UW Health, About Us, Employee Handbook (UWHC), Employment Expectations and Policies


UWHC cellular telephones, accessories, and phone numbers are the property of UWHC and are considered a hospital resource and are to be used for business use. Personal use should be kept to a minimum. Employees are responsible for the care, use and possession of assigned phones. Cellular phone use while driving should be kept to a minimum and attention to the road and safety should always take precedence over conducting business over the phone. Employees that utilize cellular phones while driving should follow all local, state and federal regulations that apply to cellular phone use while driving.

Personal cell phones, and other personal electronic devices, should be stored for use on non-work time. If used during non-work time (i.e. during break/lunch periods), they should not be used where they may interfere with operations or where others may be distracted. Use is not allowed if it results in costs to UWHC, interferes with the day-to-day business and patient care activities or creates a potential safety or liability issue for the company. Departments may limit or prohibit personal cell phone/electronic device use as necessary for operational reasons.

Policy 9.01: Telephone and Cellular Phone Use