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Employment Expectations and Policies

Employment Expectations and Policies - Inside UW Health, About Us, Employee Handbook (UWHC)


EmployeeHandbook3empsEmployment expectations and policies help define the culture and overall work environment of UWHC. We seek to promote a healthy work environment by providing clear guidance and instruction related to work performance and expected behaviors. All UWHC employees are expected to be familiar with the information in this section, along with other policies and procedures not included in the UWHC Employee Handbook. Employees may contact their managers or Human Resources staff if they have questions or for interpretation of these expectations, policies and procedures.



Attendance and Punctuality (9.13)

Caregiver Background Checks (9.03)

Cellular Phone Use (9.01)

Disciplinary Action (9.55)

Dress Code and Appearance (9.16)

Drug-Free Workplace (9.05)

Employee Personnel Files (9.64)

Formal Appeal Process (9.54)

Home as Primary Worksite (9.61)

ID Badges (1.30)

Inclement Weather (9.45, 12.50)

Limits on Hours Worked (9.80)

Meal/Break Periods (9.14)

Non-Solicitation (1.43)

Parking and Getting to Work (1.27)

Probationary Periods (9.52)

Restrictions on Food and Beverage Consumption (13.01)

Separation of Employment (9.36)

Smoke Free/Tobacco Free Workplace (1.41)

Social Media (1.47)

Staff Objections to Participating in Aspects of Patient Care (9.44)

Travel Policy (1.14)

Work Rules (9.04)

Work Schedules - Scheduling of Work (9.81)

Work Schedules - Limits on Hours Worked (9.80)