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As part of UWHC’s commitment to Integrity, UWHC has adopted policies to protect against unlawful activity. UWHC maintains ethical standards and complies with federal, state and local laws, regulations, rules and guidelines. Specifically, we are committed to compliance laws and regulations which address health care fraud, waste and abuse as well as the proper billing of Medicare, Medicaid and other government funded health care programs, including other payers such as insurance companies and self-pay patient.

UWHC has adopted a Code of Conduct. Every employee is responsible for completing his/her job tasks in ways that protect patient privacy, ensure proper documentation and billing, prevent fraud, provide transparency with regard to conflicts of interest and comply with all relevant laws. All employees are responsible for “Doing the Right Thing.” And when there is uncertainty, an employee should ask his/her supervisor, another leader, or the Compliance Department (608) 203-4631.

How to Report a Compliance Issue

You may report a compliance issue by contacting any of the following:

  1. Your supervisor
  2. The UW Health Compliance Hotline, (608) 821-4130
  3. The UW Health Online Reporting form (may remain anonymous)
  4. The Privacy Officer and Chief Compliance Officer, UW Health, Troy Lepien, MA, CIA, CHC, CHPC at (608) 203-4631

Please see the UWHC Compliance page and UWMF Compliance page for additional resources and information such as videos, Policy and Procedures, documentation, forms, etc.