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Employee Handbook (UWHC)

Employee Handbook (UWHC) - Inside UW Health, About Us


Dear Employees, 

At UW Hospital and Clinics, you are why we have achieved so much and have a reputation for excellence. Collectively, we work together with patients and their families to create an environment of respect, trust and collaboration which allows us to provide a great work experience and remarkable care. Hundreds of your fellow employees also came together in a spirit of collaboration to provide their input and help develop this handbook.

Every employee, whether directly or indirectly involved in patient care, contributes to the patient experience. Recognizing this, it is crucial to our mission that we continually invest in our employees who provide the highest level of care and safety possible for our patients and families. The commitment to those who work here is a core element of our strategic plan and essential to us continuing to be the best work and academic environment possible.

I hope you take time to review the information and resources in this employee handbook which is designed to help inform you and can foster your personal and professional growth. From education and training opportunities, to tools and programs for your family, to benefits such as vacation, sick leave, bonuses and tuition reimbursement, our goal is for you to achieve all you can at work, while still having a fulfilling personal life.

Thank you for making a positive difference for our patients, your coworkers and for the health of our community.


Alan S. Kaplan, MD
UW Health CEO