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Jane Miller
Director of Advertising and PR
Office: (608) 265-1604

Advertising is often the first encounter a person has with an organization. Long before they may make a purchase decision, the customer needs to be aware the company exists. Even though for health care our patients aren’t 100% funding their “purchase” of health care services, they still need to be aware of who we are and what we have to offer.

We often call advertising “brand messaging” or “paid media.”  Advertising allows us to control the message, unlike earned media or, at times, social media.

Traditional forms of advertising include television, radio, print and outdoor. Digital advertising includes Google Ad Words, online banner ads and social media (i.e., Facebook ads).  At UW Health we use most forms of advertising to get our messages in front of the general public.

We feature both general image messaging (“Remarkable” series) and service line specific messaging. We avoid placing our messages in religious and political arenas. We also don’t have the resources to place “sponsor” ads in school or arts publications. 


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