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Requesting Content: What Can I Have on My Page?

Requesting Content: What Can I Have on My Page? - Help, U-Connect Help


Screenshot of e-Health pageWhen requesting a page on U-Connect (you can request a page by emailing uconnect@uwhealth.org), you might wonder what options you have and what features your page can have on it. The following will provide a quick overview of the modules available for use on U-Connect. The screenshots come from the Web Center's department page if you would like to see all the elements in use on a page.

U-Connect Page Modules


The Overview section can be used to house details about your department or program that explain who you are or what you do, but typically are only of interest to users on a first visit to the page. With this in mind, Overview content can be read by clicking down on the arrow and returned to truncated text by clicking up on the arrow.

Additionally, the Overview section can contain "flair" for your page. If you have a picture you would like to use, please include it in your email request. Minimum sizes depend on what type of flair you would like. Just flair pictures should be sent in at a minimum of 417 pixels wide and 336 pixels high.

For flair that spans the whole background and either has the callout flair (flair and background or just background), please send in an image sized at a minimum of 1450 pixels wide and 788 pixels high.

If you don't have a picture, but would like flair, please request one in your email and a Web Center editor will make suggestions for you.

Image of an Overview section of U-Connect

You may also have noticed the "Tagged" text at the bottom of the Overview. Please look over the keyword tags page and include your suggestions for tags to use on your page with your request.


Features can be used to promote news or updates about your department or program. You can have more than one feature and scroll through them using the arrows. Features can come and go at anytime as needed on your page (as can nearly any other module you choose for your page.)

Image of a feature module


The news module can be used to display the last three news articles related to your page or department.

Image of a news module

Tab Sections

Any page can have 1-4 tabs. Tabs available are Focus, FAQ, Resources and Directory. These are the only names available for tabs to keep user experience consistent across the site. A page can have any one of the three (Focus, FAQ or Resources) or any combo of the four, depending upon what suits your content needs best.

Focus tabs can be used for any type of content, including pictures, words and videos and typically are used for "what the page is about" type content.

The FAQ tab can be used for Frequently Asked Questions about your department or program.

The Resources tab can house files, links to other sites or other resources on U-Connect. The Resources tab can be just links or can also use a toolbar to sort resources by catagory or alphabetical order.

The Directory tab can pull information from your department/program's Directory profile into your page. 

Image of tabs on U-Connect page


Promos can be used to call out important or frequently used pieces of content contained in your section. To keep a page visually balanced we recommend using two promos over just one.

Image of promos on U-Connect


If your content warrants it, it can be broken out into sections and the sections will live under the parent page as sub navigation. If you know how you would like to break out sections, please include that in your email, otherwise also feel free to let one of the Web Center's editors breakout your content as they see best using their knowledge of best practices.

Image of an in-page navigation on U-Connect


Related pods can be used to link to other departments, programs or pages that would be useful for users of your page.

Image of a related pod on U-Connect

Those are the basic elements available for use on your U-Connect page. If you have any questions or questions about additional types of content or applications you might want to use, please contact uconnect@uwhealth.org.