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Navigating U-Connect

Navigating U-Connect - Help, U-Connect Help


Reference Guides

  • Quick Reference Guide - A tour of the new U-Connect with a brief explanation of major sections, navigation and site features
  • Navigating U-Connect - Watch a brief tutorial about the basics of the new U-Connect

Global Navigation

Select a menu item in the left pane of the mega menu to display its associated links on the right. Select the red global navigation menu item with the up arrow to collapse the mega menu. (Watch a video tutorial on U-Connect's primary navigation.)

Quick Links

In an effort to eliminate long lists of links on the U-Connect homepage, Quick Links features items formerly found in Clinical and Business Apps. Quick Links that have a special icon next to them take you away from U-Connect and will open in a new tab/window.

Login Button

Log into U-Connect for access to secure content (e.g., For Managers), to update your Directory profile and post or view items in CyberSale. Other systems, such as PeopleSoft/Employee Self Service and Workspaces, require a separate login.

Page Header

Page Title and Organization

Below the breadcrumb, the page title is displayed. Next to the title, a small icon will indicate if the content is for UW Medical Foundation (MF), UW Hospital and Clinics (HC) or both (MF)(HC).  Below the title, the description, if longer than the allotted space, will appear by selecting the down arrow to expand the description. Select the up arrow to collapse the description.


At the top of the header, the breadcrumb indicates where a page lives in the site structure. The item on the far left is the highest level, if you wish to work your way through the site’s tree structure. Select any item in the breadcrumb to visit that page.


U-Connect has a tag universe of about 20 topic “tags.” You can see what topics a page has been tagged with toward the bottom of the header area. Select a tag to view results for all content on the site with that same tag. Select multiple tags to further refine your search.


Pages may feature important news and features in a scrollable menu. Select the arrows to move forward or backward through the features. The red dot indicates which feature is currently being viewed.

Page Tabs


The primary content for a page is in the Focus tab. It typically represents the most important content for a given page.


The FAQ tab displays frequently asked questions.  Select a question to reveal the answer.  Select the up arrow to collapse the question and answer.


The Resources tab displays important resources such as forms, websites, or other key sought-after resources.


The Directory tab pulls data from the U-Connect Directory and displays it within the page. You can find phone numbers, staff listings and other information without having to search the Directory.

Watch a tutorial about navigating department and program pages.



Each section can have its own left navigation. The home for the left nav has a ‘home’ icon and appears in red text. A down arrow to the right of a left navigation item indicates an expandable menu. Select the down arrow to expand the menu and the up arrow to collapse the menu.


Below the left navigation, the Related section offers links to other related departments or programs, if applicable. If you wish to have something listed in your Related area, email uconnect@uwhealth.org.

Promotion Buttons

Toward the bottom of the page, these promotions offer one more spot for highlighting a section’s content. Select the button to view the information.


After entering a keyword, select a category (Directory, Forms, Health Facts for You or Policies) to display search results only from those areas of the site for your keyword. If you do not make a selection, the entire site will be searched. Select the search button to run your search or the large X to close the search. (Watch a video tutorial on how to search U-Connect or understanding U-Connect search results.)

Search Filter: Organization

Once you’ve completed a search, the menu on the left allows you to filter your results. Select an organization to view results for only UWMF or UWHC.

Search Filter: Type

Once you’ve completed a search, the menu on the left allows you to filter your results. Select Type to view only certain types of content, like Health Facts for You (HFFY) or Policies.

Search Filter: Category

Once you’ve completed a search, the menu on the left allows you to filter your results. Select a Category to view only forms, tools or videos for the term you searched.

Search Filter: Tag

Once you’ve completed a search, the menu on the left allows you to filter your results.  Select Tag to view only results with the selected tag/topic.


All U-Connect Tab

Select this tab to access the main U-Connect homepage view.

For Managers Tab

Select this tab to view homepage content and links targeted for managers. Most resources in this section will require you to log in for access.  Select All U-Connect to return to the main homepage feed.

For Clinicians Tab

Select this tab to view homepage content and links targeted for clinicians. Much of this content can also be found in the Clinical Hub and/or Quick Links. Select All U-Connect to return to the main homepage feed.

Featured News and Updates

Items featured in this area need more prominence and will appear for a longer duration than items that move through “The Feed” below. You can use the arrows to click through each of the three features. The red dot shows which feature you are currently viewing.

Mission Watch

Mission Watch features key metrics you might find in the Dashboard. It showcases our progress for all faculty and staff.  Ideas for items to feature in Mission Watch can be sent to uconnect@uwhealth.org.

The Feed

The Feed is a dynamic, ever-changing display of content, including corporate news and events, U-Connect updates (what’s new on the site, what’s been recently updated), news from uwhealth.org and med.wisc.edu, patient stories, and more. The horizontal features may include tweets from @InsideUWHealth, wellness tips, reminders and more. 


The events display showcases events at our various locations on any given day. If you have an event to add to the calendar, send it to uconnect@uwhealth.org for consideration.

Important Dates

Often throughout the year there are deadlines for trainings, vaccines, budgets, etc. Such dates will be displayed as a constant reminder of an upcoming deadline or event.

Numbers of Note

Ever wonder how many beds are filled at the hospital? Or how many employees attended new employee orientation recently? Numbers of Note features a variety of interesting numbers. Send your ideas for this area to uconnect@uwhealth.org for consideration.

Watch a video tutorial on the U-Connect home page.

Specialty Pages

Sort and Filter Menu

This menu gives you the ability to rearrange and filter the content of the page based on your preferences. Whether you want to view content by category or in reverse alpha order, select the appropriate filter and watch the content reorganize itself.

Section Map

This special landing page features all of the content for a section like Clinical Hub or Policies. Select the up and down arrows to expand and collapse menus. Select the item you are seeking to proceed to that page.