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Understanding the U-Connect Directory

Understanding the U-Connect Directory - Help, U-Connect Help, Directory Feature FAQ


Where does the data come from?

People Data

Individual profiles are generated from a number of feeds, including:

In addition, UWMF and UWHC may customize their profile by logging in and entering data in the Optional Work Information fields identified below. There is no data source for any of this data, so individuals must log in and update their profile. UWSMPH, Unity and Chartwell employees cannot customize their profile because they cannot be authenticated in the directory, nor does UW Health manage their personnel data.

Optional Work Information includes: 

For faculty and staff that have data in more than one system (some have data in UWMF PeopleSoft, UWHC PeopleSoft and DoIT), the directory will compile all of the data into one profile. Once logged in, such individuals can select which information they wish to appear in their main profile (e.g. which phone number, which email, etc.) 

This profile integration also allows you to view staff listings for managers with both UWHC and UWMF employees. You can view who supervises a particular employee, as well as others up and down the organization chart, starting with an individual’s profile. (This also does not apply to UWSMPH employees.)

Group Data

Group data is entered and maintained by the Web Center. There is no data source for all of the departmental numbers. The Web Center can add information to departmental profiles, such as departmental email accounts, and for each listing, manually associate a department with it. (For example: Human Resources is associated with Benefits in its directory listing.)

Staff listings on Group profiles are based on cost center. This is not a perfect system, however; sometimes a staff person is paid for out of one cost center, but works in another. and would like to appear in that staff listing. Alternatively, there is no way to associate the nursing staff of a particular unit, since nurses all fall under a single cost center.

To remedy this situation, the Web Center created the "Add Me To This Group" functionality. Once you find the group you wish to be associated with, you can select the "Add Me To This Group" button (you must log in) and your name will appear. To remove yourself from the group, log in and update your optional work information.

If you see incorrect data on a department page (often, this is when phone numbers or addresses change), please click the "Report Incorrect Data" button and complete the form, so the Web Center can update the directory.

How Do You Update The Directory?

After logging into the U-Connect Directory, you’ll see two tabs at the top of the page:

Request HR Updates

Optional Work Information

Once you’ve entered and saved your Optional Work Information, this data is added to your profile immediately.