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Directory Feature FAQ

Directory Feature FAQ - Help, U-Connect Help


Looking to get the most out of the U-Connect Directory? Learn more about the features available by selecting a topic below.

Update Profile 

You can update your profile by selecting Update Profile available in the upper right hand corner throughout the directory. If you are not logged in you will be asked to using your UW Health username and password.

Directory_Update Profile

Once you are logged in, you will then be taken to your profile update page. Changes made on the Optional Work Information tab will take effect as soon as you select Save Preferences.

Directory_Optional Work Info

Some information contained in your Directory profile is maintained by Human Resources. You can update this information by selecting the Request HR Updates tab. 

UWHC Request HR Updates

UWMF Request HR Updates

UWSMPH Employees Updates 

UWHC Request HR Updates 


Directory_Optional Work Info

On the Request HR Updates tab you can review your Directory information maintained by Human Resources. If you need to request changes, select the Update UWHC HR Information button. 

Directory_Update UWHC HR Info

For UWHC employees selecting this button will open a form (see below). Submit the form with your requested changes and once they have been approved by Human Resources they will be reflected in your Directory profile. Note: You will not see immediate changes to your Directory profile or Request HR Updates tab. 

Screenshot of the form used to submit Directory changes to HR

UWMF Request HR Updates 

On the Request HR Updates tab you can review your Directory information maintained by Human Resources. If you need to update your name or phone number, select the Update UWMF HR Information button to open Employee Self Service and submit your requests there. 

Screenshot of updating UWMF HR information in the Directory

To update your title, department, business email, address, mail code or reports to fields, please Ask HR.

UWSMPH Employees Updates 

UW-Madison employees can change individual detailed office, e-mail and home address information via My UW-Madison (on the Work Record tab.) 

Employee Information changes made via My UW-Madison will be reflected on your directory listing in U-Connect as well as on the UW online directory, campus mail labels and centrex operator information throughout the year. Learn more

Send a Page

One of the most requested features has arrived. Now you can send a page directly from someone's Directory profile. Provided they have a pager of course. Look for the Send a Page button in the top right corner on a person's profile page. 

Directory_Send a Page

Selecting the Send a Page button will open a new window where you can send your page. 

Screenshot of sending a page from the Directory

Add Me to this Group 

Every clinic and group page has an Add Me to this Group button. To add yourself to a clinic or group, go to their listing in the Directory and select the Add Me to this Group button. If you are not logged in you will be asked to before you may proceed. Your name and profile will be immediately added to the group. Using this feature, clinics or units without a cost center can display custom staff listings. 

Screenshot for adding one's self to a group in the Directory

Every clinic and group page has an Add Me to this Group button. Select the button to add yourself. If you are not logged in you will be asked to before you may proceed. Your name and profile will be immediately added to the group. 

Second screenshot for adding one's self to a group in the Directory

To remove yourself from a group go to your Update Profile page. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the departments and groups to which you belong. Select the trash can next to a group to remove yourself from the listing. (Note: You cannot remove yourself from a group based off a cost center maintained by Human Resources.) 

Screenshot of how to removed oneself from a group in the Directory

Staff List 

The Directory includes the ability to see who directly reports to any manager, director or VP. On any manager, director or VP profile page select Staff Listing to see a list of their reportees. 

Screenshot of the staff listing in the Directory

When selected the Staff List will expand. 

Screenshot of Staff Listing in the Directory expanded


Has someone gone out of their way to help you? Send them a Hi-5! It's all the fun of a physical high five minus the stinging palm. As a bonus we'll even send a copy of your thank you to the recipient's boss. Remember, you need to be logged in to send a Hi-5. 

Locating Hi-5 in the directory screenshot

To Send a Hi-5:

  1. Select the Directory link from the main U-Connect top navigation 
  2. Select the Send a Hi-5 button, log in, and search for an employee in Hi-5 or search for the employee and select the Send a Hi-5 button on their page (requires a log in as well)
  3. Complete the form, by selecting your Topic, writing a personal message and clicking "Send Hi-5"
  4. If you are already in the Directory but you are not yet logged in, the system will prompt you to log in when you select any "Send a Hi-5" button

Learn more about Hi-5

Reverse Phone Lookup 

Much as it sounds, Reverse Phone Lookup is a way to search for people or places when you only have a number. Reverse Phone Lookup is available from the Directory Home page as well as on any Directory page.

Reverse Phone Lookup from Directory Home 

Screenshot of how to use the reverse phone lookup

Reverse Phone Lookup from any Directory Page

Screenshot of where to find the reverse phone lookup