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About Keyword Tags

About Keyword Tags - Help, U-Connect Help

Tagged content can be found across U-Connect. These tags can be used to find similar content and can also be used to refine searches to particular topics.


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U-Connect has a tag universe of about 20 topic “tags.” You can see what topics a page has been tagged with toward the bottom of the header area. Select a tag to view results for all content on the site with that same tag. Select multiple tags to further refine your search.

This universe was intentionally created small to avoid micro-tagging items and creating a tag universe that is too large to be useful. Tags should cross various types of content, be it crossing departmental, organization, clinical or administrative.

Below you will find a list and further explanation of the tag universe. If you believe a particular page should have a different set of tags or that a new tag should be created, email uconnect@uwhealth.org. Please include the page url(s) and the additional tag(s) you feel it should have, or url(s) and the new tag you feel should be added. All requests for a tag addition will be vetted for approval before implementation.

Current Tags

Benefits: Denotes content like insurance, discounts, tuition reimbursement, vacation time and employee services.

Business: Denotes content like finance, purchasing and general non-clinical content pertaining to the running of UW Health.

Community: Denotes content that has a positive affect outside of UW Health.

Clinical Practice Guidelines: Denotes CCKM approved Clinical Practice Guidelines.

Employee Health: Denotes content related to employee health, i.e. flu shots, TB tests and needle stick information. Often used in conjunction with the Safety tag.

Facilities: Denotes content pertaining to specific buildings, maintenance of equipment and cleaning of non-medical instruments.

Fundraising: Denotes content pertaining to philanthropy. Often used in conjunction with the Community tag.

Health Link: Denotes content related to all aspects of Health Link, i.e. policies, learning opportunities, guidelines, etc.

Laboratory: Denotes content that is clinical laboratory related.

Leadership: Denotes content from leadership across UW Health.

Learning & Development: Denotes content related education, clinical training, software traingin and career growth.

Market Focus: Denotes content that deals with our growth/strategic plan focused on our health care market.

Medical Records: Denotes content related to medical record forms and content governing them/creating them.

Mission Watch: Denotes content focused on our strategic goals and how we work to meet and improve upon our measures. Includes programs introduced to improve/meet our goals and standards.

Nursing: Denotes content relating to nursing from patient care to training.

Organizational Services: Denotes content related to services provided inhouse to other departments. For example, the Web Center provides organizational services related to websites, social media and web-related elements.

Patient Care: Denotes content related to clinical patient care.

Patient Services: Denotes content related to helping patients that falls outside of clinical care, but likely is related to/need because of their clinical care.

Payroll: Denotes content related to paychecks, direct deposit, etc.

Pediatrics: Denotes content related to pediatric care.

Providers: Denotes content related to care providers such as physician, physician assistants and nurse practitioner.

Quality: Denotes content related to improving how we provide our services, clinical and non-clinical.

Regulatory: Denotes content related to regulatory needs or efforts.

Research: Denotes content that is about research.

Safety: Denotes content that pertains to employee and patient safety. 

Technology: Denotes content with a technological bent, be clinical or non-clinical.