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Welcome to the SwedishAmerican help page.U-Connect is the UW Health intranet for employees. Most of the content is specific to UW Health at this time, and had not yet incorporated SwedishAmerican information, but that may change in the future.

U-Connect is a content rich site with many resources you may find useful. For example, the UW Health Staff Directory, which can be accessed at the top of every page.

If clinical resources such as Beacon Protocols or Clinical Practice Guidelines are what you are looking for, try the Clinical Hub, which is available from the mega menu below the site logo. Tip: The U-Connect logo is the link back to the homepage.


Who should I contact with questions?

You should reach out to your counterpart at UW Health or call the SAHS Helpdesk at (779) 696-4747. You may see UW Health phone numbers to call for help, but please note that you should always reach out to the SwedishAmerican Helpdesk instead.

Who has access to U-Connect?

Any user accessing a computer on the SwedishAmerican network.

What do they have access to?

Access to U-Connect content that is public and not protected or otherwise requires login credentials.

Where will users access U-Connect?

Access to the public content on U-Connect is available from any computer on the SwedishAmerican network.

Can I look up staff at UW Health, and if so, how?

Use the Directory (available from the upper left hand links on every page) to find UW Health staff.

Can I access Workspaces?

A teammate at UW Health may suggest that you get access to Workspaces or other tools within U-Connect so that you can collaborate and share in your area. If that occurs, please contact Jennifer Sullivan (phone number: (779) 696-7040; email: jsullivan@swedishamerican.org) to get that request processed into the system.


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