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Password Information

Password Information - Help, Help Desk

UWHC has implemented a new Password Manager that allows employees to change and synchronize computer passwords on many systems without having to contact the Help Desk for support.

To ensure the security of our systems, UWHC and UWMF employees must change their passwords every 90 days. This change will help ensure security and compliance with Federal HIPAA regulations. The following information is intended to assist you with the process.

To change your UWHC and/or UWMF network account password, please click the Password Reset link below.

Depending upon your employer and the systems you have access to, you will automatically be redirected to the correct "next step" for changing your network password.

UWMF and SMPH employees will continue to use existing methods to manage their UWMF and UWHC passwords for now.


UW HealthPassword Manager enables UW Health employees to reset their own password 24x7x365 without having to contact the Help Desk for support. It also ensures that users have secure passwords in accordance with UW Health's Password Security and Management Policy.

Password Reset

Through the UW Health Password Manager, whatever password UW Health employees choose will automatically be the same for the following applications.



EDM-Enterprise Document Management

HCLL-Hemocare Lifeline

Health Link

HEAT Service and Support Call Logging

Meriter Epic

Outlook, Outlook Web App



PeopleSoft Financials

PeopleSoft HCM

PeopleSoft Manager Self-Service

Performance Appraisal

Report Manager

Syngo Dynamics 




UWMF Citrix Metaframe

UWMF Employee Self Service

UWMF Kronos

UWMF Peoplesoft FS

UWMF Peoplesoft HR

If an application you use is not listed above, it will not be affected when you change your password through the Self-Service System. Passwords for other UW Health applications will not be subject to the requirement to change every 90 days.


Can I contact the Help Desk if I need additional assistance with changing my password?

Yes. The Help Desk is available for assistance by calling:

UWHC Locations/Systems

(608) 265-7777 (or 1-888-443-5511)

UWMF Locations/Systems

(608) 829-5474

How do I log into Password Self-Service to change my password?

To change your network account password, go to Password Information and enter your Username into the Password Change Assistant field on the right of this screen. Once you enter your username, you will be redirected to the appropriate Password Self-Service page.

If it is your first time using the Password Change Assistant, you will be asked to register. Next, you will be asked to answer a series of five security questions. Each time you log in to the Password Change Assistant, you will have to answer one, randomly asked question correctly.

How will I know when I need to change my password?

Network passwords will automatically expire in 90 days. As the password expiration date approaches, you will receive up to five notifications you will receive up to five notifications through a message that will appear when you log in to a PC, Outlook Web App or Citrix. You are strongly encouraged to change your network password prior to the expiration date to avoid interruption in access.

What are the password requirements?

The password requirements below were implemented by UWHC and UWMF to improve security for all UW Health users. To help you choose a strong password you can remember, try not to think about your password as a "word." Think of your password as standing for something else. For example, think of a personal event with historical significance for you, but that would not be obvious to anyone else. For example, if you graduated from Mickey Mouse Cartoon College in 1985, you might choose MMCC!n1985 as your password.

In selecting a password, please remember the following requirements:

What if I do not change my password by the expiration date?

If your password is not changed prior to the password expiration date, your computer access will be disabled. To reinstate your access priveleges, you will have to contact the Help Desk.

What if I forget my password?

You can change your network account password anytime by going to Password Information and entering your Username into the Password Change Assistant field on the right of this screen. Once you enter your username, you will be redirected to the appropriate Password Self-Service page

For additional assistance, contact the Help Desk.

Why have we, as an organization, implemented stronger password requirements?

The best way to ensure security, and to comply with Federal HIPAA regulations, is for users to change their computer passwords periodically. It is for this reason that we must require the use of "strong" passwords. Strong passwords are much more difficult for hacking tools to crack.