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Web Paging Tutorials and Quick Guides - Growth & Development, Training & Education, Software Training


Quick Guides


Adding, deleting or otherwise changing an On Call schedule requires knowledge of the schedule and the impact the changes will have upon completion. The tutorials listed below provide a high-level overview of a variety of functions that can be performed. Please know that all changes are effective immediately. If you feel you need additional instruction or assistance please call Paging and Messaging at (608) 262-2122. 

How to Add an On Call Schedule

This tutorial starts from the beginning and includes step-by-step instructions from logging into Web Paging to completing the entry of a new on call schedule 

How to Create and Edit a Shortlist 

A Shortlist is an easily accessible list of designated on call members defined just for you.  This tutorial provides a brief review of how to add an on call, and an overview of how to create and edit a Shortlist. 

How to Edit an On Call Schedule (Upcoming)

This is a brief tutorial on editing an On Call schedule.  Learn basic editing functionality, including a new time editing feature. 

How to use the Copy Feature with an On Call Schedule

This is a brief tutorial on how to use the “Copy” feature.  Learn how the copy feature will save you time. 

How to Use the Delete Feature within an On Call Schedule 

This tutorial demonstrates how to use the “Delete” feature.