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MyTime, UWHC’s new time and attendance and staff scheduling program has replaced all existing UWHC time and attendance and staff scheduling programs, including API Time and Attendance, ReportXpress, TimePC, Active Staffer and SchedulePC.

Only UWHC staff are affected by the new time and attendance/staff scheduling software. UWMF faculty and staff continue to use Kronos.

Training Options and Availability

MyTime computer-based training (CBT) is available for current staff scheduling and time and attendance users through the UW Health Learning and Development System, please log in to access these CBTs:

CBTQuick Reference
MyTime - Staff Scheduling Employee (MyTime SSEm)
MyTime - Staff Scheduling Manager/Scheduler (MyTime SSMS)
MyTime - Time and Attendance Supervisor (MyTimeTAS)
MyTime - Time and Attendance Employee (MyTimeTAE)

MyTime Advisory Committee: Help Us Continue to Improve MyTime

We will be continually developing and improving the functionality of MyTime and are looking for input from stakeholders from around the organization to serve on the MyTime Advisory Committee. Please contact mytime@uwhealth.org if you are interested in serving on this committee.


Why is UWHC moving to MyTime?

UWHC’s current API time and attendance and staff scheduling software product will no longer be supported by the vendor after December 2015. With extensive stakeholder input, it was decided to replace all existing UWHC time and attendance/staff scheduling programs, including ReportXpress, TimePC, Active Staffer and SchedulePC with MyTime.

When will training be available for MyTime?

Computer-Based Training will be available in February 2015 through the Learning and Development System.

Who will be affected by the implementation of MyTime?

Only UWHC staff will use MyTime. UWMF faculty and staff will continue to use Kronos.

At this time, there are no immediate plans to migrate UWMF users of Kronos over to MyTime. This may be a possibility in the future, however.

Will all UWHC employees be able to review their time cards for accuracy and “sign off” on them?

Yes. This will not control if an employee is paid. It allows employees to electronically “sign off” their time cards, agreeing that the time card has been reviewed and no inaccuracies exist. Employee “sign off” can be completed up to the end of the next pay period.

Will all UWHC employees be required to request leave or vacation time through MyTime?

Most employee entries will generate a request to the supervisor which they can approve, change, or deny. Managers can enter time directly on the employees time card report and that will not generate a request.

Can hourly employees continue to use a badge reader each day to clock in and out of MyTime?

Employees will continue to have the same methods for recording their time, these include a Badge Reader, the TimeCall system, or online through the MyTime website. Employees should contact their supervisor to see if a particular entry method is required for their time.

Will holidays be automatically generated for salaried employees?

Yes. However, if you work on a holiday, you should log into the MyTime website and remove the holiday entry from your time card report.

Will lunches automatically be deducted for hourly employees working six or more hours?

Yes, MyTime uses a lunch attestation feature to automatically deduct time for lunch each day. If lunch is automatically deducted, employees may confirm they received their full, uninterrupted lunch break by answering questions at Quick Badge, telephone, and badge readers.

 Is there any MyTime information I can review or share with my colleagues?

Yes. Please review the  document.


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