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Fire Response by Location

Fire Response by Location - Growth & Development, Training & Education, Safety and Security Training, Fire Safety



The system is designed to contain smoke and fire by the closure of fire doors. Once the alarm goes off, the doors close throughout the building; staff is directed not to travel through the fire doors. 

Fire Door, Stairwell and Elevator Use During a Fire at the CSC


The system is designed to close the fire doors on the floor of the alarm. The alarms and emergency strobelights will sound and flash on all floors, but the doors will only close on the floor where the alarm/drill is. Travel is not permitted through the fire doors on the floor where the alarm is activated, but is allowed on other floors. 


The system is designed to alarm the entire building; staff are to evacuate at any time the fire alarm goes off. Because the buildings are not designed to contain smoke/fire in a compartmentalized manner, evacuation is needed.