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How to Respond to an Active Shooter - Out Strategies

How to Respond to an Active Shooter - Out Strategies - Growth & Development, Training & Education, Safety and Security Training, Active Shooter Response


1. Get Out!

Your best option is always to run, get out, get away. Think in advance about how you'd get out, including the possibility of jumping from the windows. Be sure to:

2. Call Out!

If possible, take care of your safety first. Run first, hide first, barricade or lock the door first, then call 911. If it's safe, stay on the line and give the police the best information you can.

3. Hide Out! (Or Play Dead)

If you're not able to get out, find a safe place to hide. If there's no way to get out or hide, playing dead could save your life. If you are hiding when the police come in, realize that they will not know if you're a victim or a shooter. Follow their instructions.

4. Take Out!

Fight or flight? Flight, running, getting out, is always your best option. But if flight is removed as an option, your only choice may be to fight to try to take the shooter out.

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