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Code Yellow Description

Code Yellow Description - Growth & Development, Training & Education, Safety and Security Training, Active Shooter Response


Any incident involving an active shooter or threat of harm by one individual to another will result in a Code Yellow security situation. Code Yellow has been recognized by the Wisconsin Hospital Association and other healthcare and academic organizations as an accepted emergency code during times of internal crisis/disaster. Code Yellow is the recommended Standardization Code Color for a Security Alert + Intruder or show of force. Upon confirming the incident, UW Hospital and Clinics Security will immediately put out an overhead page throughout the hospital that will alert individuals and to take the necessary safety precautions (evacuate, hide, etc.). This announcement will be abrupt and urgent and may include a warning such as the following:

The overhead page will indicate whether the threat is from within the facility or outside of the facility and provide direction on personal safety measures. It is crucial to immediately follow the directions provided by the overhead Code Yellow announcement. 

It is also vital to remember that the most important action during the crisis is the safety for all involved. Please do not take time to communicate with non-emergency individuals outside of the facility during the heat of the moment via social media, phone calls, etc. You may inadvertently create an unintended security risk for others including police officers attempting to take down the shooter.