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Active Shooter Response

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Active shooter response logo with ambulance backgroundWhile the presence of an active intruder is a highly unlikely event, there have been increased reports of such situations in health care institutions across the nation. Such instances, which have resulted in deaths from active shooters, while rare and tragic, require that we are prepared for such a situation. 

This page provides information on how to respond in an active shooter situation, how to receive advance training through Learning & Development, as well as links to other governmental and private organizations that have useful information on this topic. 

You will also find the video "Shots Fired" which is being used by other health care centers in the U.S. to help educate staff. You are encouraged to watch the video, and explore this web page for key information about active shooter situations. 

While we hope never to have such a scenario take place here, advance preparation will be key should one take place.


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