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NEO Schedule and Information

NEO Schedule and Information - Growth & Development, Training & Education, Learning & Development


The UW Health New Employee Onboarding Calendar can be accessed by opening the calendar called “UW Health New Employee Onboarding Calendar-UWH” (see below) in Outlook.


Purpose & Content

The purpose of NEO is to introduce new employees to our organization, including our mission, vision, values and expected performance standards. NEO is designed to help new hires adapt to and learn about our environment via providing general information, resources, support, regulatory requirements, policies and procedures necessary for a successful start within the organization.

To enroll or schedule a new hire in NEO

L&D collaborates with Recruitment in order to coordinate NEO enrollment and attendance. Managers must work with Recruitment or other departments responsible for contract hiring (e.g., Nursing Operations Support for traveler hires) in order to schedule a new hire for NEO.

Full UW Health NEO

Abbreviated NEO Details

Please direct questions to Learning@uwhealth.org.


NEO Resources

Employee Handbook (UWHC)

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