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Growth & Development,Training & Education,Health Link Training and Access,Obtaining Access to Health Link,Access Request Process - UW Madison Employees,Support Staff and Physician Secretaries

Step 2: Health Link Training

Step 2: Health Link Training - Growth & Development, Training & Education, Health Link Training and Access, Obtaining Access to Health Link, Access Request Process - UW Madison Employees, Support Staff and Physician Secretaries


Step 2: Health Link Training

Health Link Training is coordinated by the Health Link Education, Optimization, and Support Team.


How to Fulfill the Requirement

View Only Access

View only access will be supplied to all new staff immediately upon completion of compliance and authorization requirements, while additional training requirements are completed. No formal training is required to receive Health Link View Only access.

Please review the Health Link View Only eLearning prior to using Health Link the first time. The eLearning covers the basics of logging into to Health Link, the basics of Chart Review, and other view only activities in Health Link. 


Additional Health Link Functionality

To receive additional security in Health Link, you will need to complete additional training. 

Training requirements for access to additional functionality in Health Link vary depending upon where you practice.

Please visit the Training Information to determine which classes to enroll in and instructions for enrolling in classes.

The Health Link Training team will submit a ServiceNow request to notify Information Services Systems Security that training is complete. If applicable authorization and compliance requirements are also met, Systems Security will issue or update your Health Link security. If you are unsure if authorization and compliance requirements have been met, please contact your department or division administrator/director. Please allow at least 24 hours for requests to be processed.