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Step 3: Forms to Authorize and Request Health Link Access

Step 3: Forms to Authorize and Request Health Link Access - Growth & Development, Training & Education, Health Link Training and Access, Obtaining Access to Health Link, Access Request Process - UW Madison Employees, Non-Credentialed Clinicians


Step 3: Forms to Authorize and Request Health Link Access

The forms below are fillable pdf documents. All fields may be entered electronically except the signature lines.  Electronically completed agreements are appreciated since they fax much more legibly. All completed agreements should be faxed together, where possible, to (608) 890-9890.


How to Fulfill the Requirement

Establish baseline authorization from your hiring authority for access to Health Link

Complete the form called .

The authorization form must be completed accurately and in its entirety. Either an SMPH department/division administrator or the Waisman Center clinical services manager must sign at the bottom to authorize access.  Authorization signatures of other personnel will not be accepted.

When you have completed all of these steps, a representative from the UW Health information technology services department will send an email containing your Health Link user ID and temporary password to the person who authorized your access to Health Link. You will then be able to log in to the Health Link system, as follows: 

How to Log in to Health Link and Establish a Password 


How to Fulfill the Requirement

Create a secure Health Link password

When you receive your Health Link User ID and temporary password, you will need to establish a secure password using the online password change assistant.

Confirm that your password is working properly by using it to log in to Health Link.

To log into Health Link from an SMPH or Waisman network:

  1. Navigate to https://uconnect.wisc.edu.
  2. Click on the Health Link HC link.
  3. Enter your Health Link ID and password.