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MyChart Bedside

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What is MyChart Bedside?

MyChart Bedside is an application on a tablet that allows hospitalized patients and/or designated proxies to view portions of their inpatient medical record and communicate with their care team during the
course of their hospitalization. This app is intended to improve transparency, patient engagement in care, and the safety and quality of inpatient care. The tablet is returned to staff upon patient discharge.

The toolkit links below provide resources to prepare you and your staff to successfully integrate MyChart Bedside into your workflow and patient care. An e-Learning module in the Learning and Development system is also available for an overview.

Bedside went live at AFCH and TAC earlier this year.

There will be three waves of implementations at UH in September:

What is staff saying about MyChart Bedside? 

Sue Rees, VP/Chief Nursing Officer


Allison Brummel, RN



Brenda Nelson, Health Unit Coordinator



Where can I find MyChart Bedside education resources and documentation?

MyChart Bedside Resources

MyChart Bedside Documentation

Who do I contact if I have questions regarding MyChart Bedside education documents on U-Connect?

Who do I contact if I have questions or issues with the MyChart Bedside application?