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A3 Certification Action Plan FAQ

A3 Certification Action Plan FAQ - Growth & Development, Training & Education, Clinical Training, Nursing, Nursing Certifications, Fostering Certification in Your Area


A3 - Unit/Clinic Unit Based Certification Goal Setting and Action Plan

Who is included in the data?

This activity and the data should represent direct care nurses which would include Nurse Clinicians, Care Team Leaders, Clinical Program Coordinators, etc. This activity does not include roles where advanced education is required (e.g. NPs, Midwives, Nurse Anesthetists, CNSs) nor roles that do not provide direct patient care on a regular basis (e.g. Managers, Directors).

What numbers are we looking at to determine the certification rate?

Two years of clinical experience in a particular specialty is often requirement to sit for an exam. Why are we only looking at nurses with two or more years of experience in a particular specialty?

Specific experience prior to hire at UWHealth is not tracked. If a nurse comes in with outside experience in a particular setting, this data is not available. Therefore, the data for this activity is pulled based on years of experience over all.

What is a fast way to find the worksheet for my cost center in the file?

Select “Ctrl”-“F” then under “Find” select “Options<<” and the box below will pop up. Change “Within” from “Sheet” to “Workbook.” You can then type in your cost center and it will take you to your worksheet.

Certification help, find and replace

Why are the numbers for this activity in the file “FY14-FY15 Certification by Unit with Benchmarks” different than what I receive monthly on my scorecard?

There are a number of reasons for the discrepancy: