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Children and Infants

Children and Infants - Growth & Development, Training & Education, Clinical Training, CPR, Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Training (All Ages)


AEDs have been tested and approved for use in infants and children. It is recommended that pediatric pads or settings be used for children 1-8yrs. or under 55lbs. However if this is not available, use adult pads/settings on children 1-8 or under 55lbs. When defibrillating a child if the pads are too large and will touch when placed upper right and lower left side of the body, then place one on the chest and the other opposite, on the back. PADS CANNOT TOUCH EACH OTHER. CHILD PADS/SETTINGS CANNOT BE USED OVER 8YRS. or 55LBS.

First recommendation for infants under 1 years of age is manual defibrillation. If manual defibrillation is not an option follow the recommendations for children over 1 years of age as stated above.