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Please NOTE: If you were hired after July 2015 and you were told by HR you need to obtain your certification within 1 year of hire, you are responsible for making arrangements to take one of the certification exams, to pay for it, to find the study materials for it and to keep your manager informed of your plans. UW Health is providing these two websites to you as a resource, but we are not able to make arrangements for you and we do not hold any classes or exams at UW Health.



UW Health has created CEU modules in the LDS that are pre-approved for continuing education credit at NO COST to you.

These modules can be taken by any MA (whether you are certified by AAMA/CMA or NHA/CCMA). Search the LDS for "AAMA" and your options will come up. Enroll and complete the module. All modules with AAMA credits attached will say AAMA and have a six-digit number behind them. Check your learning record in the LDS once a month and make sure the AAMA approved ones you have completed are accounted for. At any time you can print your learning record from the LDS and send it to AAMA as confirmation that you have completed those approved credits. All certified MA's should plan to keep a file of their own continuing education credits. This is the best way to ensure you get credit for everything you have completed.

Anything listed with (AAMA######) behind it is approved for CEUs. The other entries are not.

How do these credits get to AAMA of NHA?

  1. They are sent in a spreadsheet to AAMA on the 1st of each month for the previous month's completions. They are not sent to NHA-you need to enter them on the www.nhanow.com website.
  2. You can print your certificate if there is one, or you can print your MyLearning page with these modules indicated to send to AAMA as proof of credits.
  3. CCMAs will need to enter these as "outside credits" on the NHA website; if you are using outside credits, go to "My CE Portfolio" and select "Add External CE Items."