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UW Health Performance Standards

UW Health Performance Standards - Growth & Development, Job Performance, Annual Performance Reviews


As part of the UW Health Strategic Plan, all three UW Health partners adopted a common set of values and performance standards. The shared UW Health values - integrity, innovation, compassion, accountability, respect, excellence and diversity - have rapidly taken hold as the measuring stick for all that we do as individuals and as an enterprise.

Behavorial Descriptions

The definitions and behavioral descriptions are general and apply to all faculty and staff regardless of role, so your department or work group may want to spend time discussing behavioral descriptions that are more specific to your area. For example, the Internal Medicine clinic staff at West Clinic developed Living Our Values, which spells out their own definitions and descriptions of what the UW Health values/standards look like in their work environment.

Values and Performance Standards

UW Health employees in actionIntegrity: In all our decisions, we are guided by doing the right things at the right time and in the right place. We focus on the best interests of patients. We are always honest with each other, learners and our patients.

Innovation: We pride ourselves on finding new and better ways to enhance quality of care and all aspects of our work.

Compassion: We treat patients, families, learners and each other with kindness and empathy. We connect with patients and families individually
and personally and engage them as partners in decisions about their care.

Accountability: We hold ourselves individually and collectively responsible for the work we do and for the experience and outcomes of every patient, every
learner, every day.

Respect: We honor patients’ right to privacy and confidentiality. We value differences among individuals and groups; and we actively listen, encourage feedback and choose the best way to deliver timely and meaningful information in all situations, especially in the high stress situations inherent in this complex and demanding patient care environment.

Excellence: Working together, we strive to be the best, and we work continuously to improve our performance and exceed expectations.

Diversity: We foster a culture of inclusion and respect among our patients, employees, learners and the communities we serve. Through teaching, discovery and advocacy, we promote equity in access to quality health care.

Additional Responsibilities for UW Health Leaders 

For Executives

For Directors and Managers

For Faculty


Why is UW Health introducing new performance standards? 

Creating a common set of performance standards for all UW Health faculty and staff is one of the objectives of the UW Health Strategic Plan. The plan introduced a shared mission, vision and values for all of UW Health and also established goals for integration and alignment of the three UW Health partners and for UW Health to become health care’s best workplace and academic environment. 

The new standards were developed jointly by the human resources departments of UW School of Medicine and Public Health, UW Hospital and Clinics and UW Medical Foundation. Based on the UW Health values outlined in the strategic plan, the standards apply equally to all UW Health faculty and staff. 

How were the standards selected? 

The standards correspond to UW Health’s values, which are the ideals that guide our actions and the expression in action of our organizational mission and vision. These values/standards (IICARE) are:

Are there definitions for the values? 

Yes, UW Health’s definitions for the values were published when the values were first introduced as part of the UW Health Strategic Plan. The definitions are:

What are demonstrated behaviors? 

Demonstrated behaviors provide descriptions of what the performance standards look like when they are embodied in the actions of employees. They provide general examples of the types of behaviors that are consistent with the standards. Because the standards apply to all faculty and staff, the demonstrated behaviors in the standards brochure are general. Individual units, departments and work teams my find it useful to come up with demonstrated behaviors that are specific to their particular roles and responsibilities. 

Do the standards apply to both faculty physicians and non-physician staff? 

Yes, the standards apply equally to all UW Health staff. 

Are the standards the same for all UW Health faculty and staff? 

The basic standards that correspond to UW Health’s values are the same for all UW Health faculty and staff. There are additional behavioral expectations for several groups of UW Health leaders. These groups include executives, directors and managers, and faculty physicians. 

Did faculty and staff have an opportunity to provide feedback on the standards? 

Yes. The standards and demonstrated behaviors were posted on U‐Connect for approximately two weeks in July. Interested faculty and staff submitted comments and questions online. This feedback was used by UW Health’s human resources leaders to make final revisions to the standards. 

How do the performance standards relate to the UW Health ambulatory service standards?

Pyramid graphic of the Performance StandardsThe performance standards are general and apply to all settings and all types of roles and positions within UW Health. The ambulatory service standards, while consistent with the performance standard, relate specifically to behavioral standards for clinic staff and others who contribute to the ambulatory patient experience. Both the performance standards and the ambulatory service standards are based on UW Health values and strategic goals.

 How do the performance standards relate to my position description? 

The performance standards are general and apply to all settings and all types of roles and positions within UW Health. Your position description spells out your specific job duties and the skills and abilities needed to be successful in your role. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to talk with your manager about how the standards apply to your position description and your specific responsibilities.

What is the mechanism for holding people accountable to the standards? 

For UWHC and UWMF employees, accountability is through the annual performance appraisal system. Annual employee evaluations will be based on the new standards, beginning in 2013. 

The standards are also being incorporated into the recruitment process as well as job descriptions and new employee orientation so that new staff coming into the organization will be selected based on the standards and educated about them from the beginning of their employment. 

For SMPH faculty, the lines of accountability for the standards are through the medical school department structure of section heads, vice chairs and chairs. The faculty peer review process also will reinforce accountability for the standards.