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Email: performancereview@uwhealth.org

2017 Annual Performance Reviews: Opens March 15, Due August 15

This year’s performance review process will be very similar to last year’s, as there are no major changes and the respective performance review systems will be available starting March 15:

As previously stated in an InBrief message, the performance review system will open March 15 and completed reviews are due August 15. A resource guide and computer-based trainings have been developed and are available to assist you in the process and with navigating the system.

Key Points

Need additional assistance? Please email performancereview@uwhealth.org.

NOTE: Compensation will be administered like last year. The budget and executive/department groupings will be provided in a future communication following approval of the FY18 budget.


Why can’t I (an hourly employee) access Performance Management from home?

The system is designed so that reviews are completed at work on work time, which would prevent an hourly employee from having access to the performance management tools from home. To ensure that you have enough time at work to complete your self evaluation and/or peer feedback requests, please have a conversation with your manager regarding this.

When was the original announcement for the review rollout and where can I find a link to verify that?

The original announcement was made the week of February 27 in InBrief and information can be found on Human Resources department page and HR Headline Folder.

How will my performance rating impact my merit increase and when will the percentage increase be announced?

The 1-5 rating scale will be used to determine the merit increase that you receive. Assuming your performance review is completed/submitted on time, you will be notified of any pay rate increase in September. The new pay rate will go into effect October 1 and be reflected on the 10/20 paycheck for UWMF employees or 10/26 for UWHC employees.

Are probationary staff (hired before 5/15) included in the merit process?

Employees who were hired on or before May 15 will participate in the UW Health Annual Performance Review and may receive a merit increase based off their overall rating. Employees who are hired May 16 or later will not participate in the UW Health Annual Performance Review and may receive an overall adjustment, consistent with the organization.

Where do I find a user guide or resource information?

All resource guides and computer-based trainings can be found on the UW Health Annual Performance Reviews page under Employee Resources.

Why can’t I comment or enter text in the ‘Reference Only’ sections?

The system is designed to prevent you from entering text in the ‘Reference Only’ sections, as all text should be entered into the ‘Overall’ box.

How do I use the review tool (ePerformance (for HC) or DPD (for MF))? Where do I log in?

The review tools are available under Growth & Development > UW Health Annual Performance Reviews. Once on this page, you can select Employee Resources, Leader Resources, Submit a UWHC Review or Submit a UWMF Review

I am an SMPH manager; do I have to do UWHC/UWMF reviews?

UWSMPH managers who manage/supervise UWMF or UWHC staff will need to complete a performance review for those staff members.

How are merit distributions determined for staff who are on LOA and don’t complete their reviews by the deadline?

Staff who are out on a leave of absence during the annual performance review process and return after the August 15 deadline will need to complete their self evaluation prior to their LOA if possible or within 30 days of their return to work.

What happens if I don’t complete my performance review by the deadline?

Staff who do not complete their performance review by the August 15 deadline will not receive their performance pay increases based on the communicated schedule.


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